Join us this summer and help your child improve his/her literacy skills with us virtually!!! Do not let your child sit at home and waste all the summer hours away without being productive. With only $5/hr, you can help your child make a difference in his or her learning attitudes when new school year starts in September.

Register here and get your child started in learning virtually with us!

ONLINE SUMMER Schedule (choose as little as twice/week or as many as 5 days/week) for 2nd to 10th Graders ONLY. Check out the our schedule below and click on the calendar to find out what we have planned for our 8-Week Summer Program!

Morning Session $15–First two hours Reading+Writing / Last one hour Math Focus–Time from 9am to 12pm Seattle/Pacific Time (Mountain Time 10am-1pm / Central Time 11am-2pm / Eastern Time 12pm-3pm)

Afternoon Session $10–First hour Math/ Last one hour Reading+Writing Focus–Time from 1pm to 3pm Seattle/Pacific Time (Mountain Time 2pm-4pm / Central Time 3pm-5pm / Eastern Time 4pm-6pm)

Morning+After Session (with one hour break for lunch) = $25/day