We have been offering PreK tutoring since 2015 for children who are ready to sit and focus. Children who are not ready for intensive, focused work should enroll in other PreK literacy classes such as reading/singing, writing/math, or spelling/writing class.

At Basic Steps, one of our primary goals is to help children reach their full potential before starting kindergarten. Our PreK tutoring program has a ratio of 1 teacher to a maximum of 10 children in the classroom. Each child will have his/her own learning goal. Children will work on writing, reading/spelling, or math activities. The teacher will always connect with the parents to ensure the learning goal for their children are meeting expectations.

Schedule: Monday thru Thursday 3:30pm to 4:15pm. Click here to check out our current schedule!

In the summer, we provide tutoring for K-9th graders. Check out our K-2 & 2-9th Grade summer program here.

For more questions about our tutoring program, text Mrs. Joa at #206.422.7423 or click here to contact us!