Come and join our online learning/virtual classroom!! Sign up for our free trial (one month free learning)!

This program is newly developed for 2nd graders to 10th graders. Currently, the rate is only $5/hr. With our affordable, easy-going approach, now any parents can afford to help their child build an ongoing relationship with learning and, at the same time, reduce those unnecessary hours wasted on game/internet/screen time.

This online program is a study group with multiple grade levels combined, meaning we all are learning together throughout the 45min curriculum. We rotate from group to group and spend about 2-3 minutes per group guiding students on how to independently and effectively accomplish the task assigned. At the moment, we are using Google Classroom and Google Meet to run our online program.

If interested, please register here and join us anytime! Don’t forget to add promotional code: 1monthFREE.

Click on the image below to check out our schedule. We are located in Seattle, WA (PST). Our after-school program starts at 4pm and ends around 6pm. Each session is roughly about one hour but the curriculum is only 45 minute long. Students check in/log in at 4pm and we start class together at 4:10pm and end the class at 4:55pm, the last 5 mins are for questions. Again, students check in/log in at 5pm but the class do not start until 5:10pm and ends promptly at 5:55pm, the last 5 mins are always for questions.

Click here to see how our online program has helped students score higher on their i-Ready assessments.