For students who are 7 years old and older (Going to 2nd Grade and above)

The summer study group has 2 different programs: (1) Reading+Writing and (2) Math.

Here’s the schedule:

Early Arrival Session- 8:30am to 9am ($5) — Snacks/Play Time

Morning Session- 9am to 12pm ($40) — Reading+Writing Focus (first two hours) and Math Program (last one hour)

Lunch Session- 12pm to 1pm ($5) — Must bring food from home

Afternoon Session- 1pm to 3pm ($30) — Math Program (first hour) and Reading+Writing Focus (second hour)

Late Afternoon Session- 3pm to 4pm ($10) — Art Project (Painting, Drawing, Clay/Slime on Friday)

Last Session- 4pm to 4:45pm ($5) — LEGO Play / Typing Program / 3D Pen / FlipaClip Program

To start enrollment, please fill out our new student registration form here. (6 weeks of enrollment required)