For students who are 10 years old and older (Going to 5th and above)

This particular program is designed for children/students who do not need extensive individual attention. In other words, students who join the summer study group are independent learners and would only need guidance to progress or move forward. Children who are not as independent and need extensive attention from a teacher should consider enrolling into a tutoring program instead. The ratio of the study group is 16 students to 1 teacher; whereas, the ratio of our children summer literacy camp is only 8-10 students to 1 teacher.

The summer study group has 2 different programs: (1) Reading+Writing and (2) Math. In our Reading+Writing program, students can choose to use IXL Language Arts online activities to help improve their reading and writing strategies or select a novel/book (from home/school) and learn to summarize the reading into an essay format–with introduction, body, and conclusion. In our Math program, students can bring their own math workbook from home or use IXL to advance their math level. Students should bring their own computer and headphones to school.

Here’s the schedule:

Early Arrival Session- 8:30am to 9am ($5) — Snacks/Play Time

Morning Session- 9am to 12pm ($21) — Reading+Writing Focus or Math Program

Lunch Session- 12pm to 1pm ($5) — Must bring food from home

Afternoon Session- 1pm to 3pm ($15) — Reading+Writing Focus or Math Program

Late Afternoon Session- 3pm to 4pm ($7) — Art Project (Painting, Clay, Greeting Cards)

Last Session- 4pm to 4:45pm ($7) — LEGO Play / Typing Program / 3D Pen / FlipaClip Program

Parents can choose to enroll in as little as one day/week or as many as 5 days/week. Parents also have the option to enroll in as few as 4 weeks or as many as 8 weeks of the program. To be accepted into this program, a minimum of 4 weeks enrollment is required. Children can stay for either the morning session, afternoon session, or the whole day. For example, if enrolling the child from 9am to 1pm, then it will be $26/day ($21+$5). If the child is staying until 3pm, the rate will be $41/day. For a full day program from 8:30am to 4:45pm, the rate will be $60/day.

The registration fee for this program is $75. Please text this number for more specific questions: 206-422-7423.

To start enrollment, please fill out our new student registration form here.