Tuition & Policies

Preschool Program (3-5 years old)

  • $55 annual registration fee is required or $35 registration fee for summer only
  • $6 per 45-min session (must pay in full or in 2 payments every quarter)
  • Parents can register for as few as one session per week or as many as 20 sessions per week.  Your tuition will vary depending on how many classes/days you wish to enroll your child in. Let’s say you are only interested in registering 4 classes per week. Then, your tuition for the quarter will be = 4 classes x $6 per class = $24 per week x 12 weeks (for the entire quarter) = $288.
 Other Important Information:

  1. During the school year from September to June, parents may only register for a maximum of 4 sessions per day.
  2. For our 10-week summer (seasonal) literacy camp, parents can register more than 4 sessions per day.
  3. Lunch break is not charged during the school year; however, lunch break in summer quarter will be charged as one session.
 PreK Summer Literacy Camp (3-5 years old)
($35 summer registration fee)
$6 per 45-min class
$27 for 5 sessions = $5.40 per class
$32 for 6 sessions = $5.33 per class
$37 for 7 sessions = $5.29 per class
$41 for 8 sessions = $5.13 per class
$46 for 9 sessions = $5.11 per class
 Elementary Summer Literacy Camp (5.5-11 years old)
($35 summer registration fee)
$8 per 45-min session
Register 4-6 sessions per day = $7.50 per class
Register 7-9 sessions per day = $7 per class

*Tuition must be paid at least 3 weeks in advance or by deadline to ensure a spot is reserved for your child. Parents can pay in either one full payment or two separate payments every quarter. Special arrangements can be made. Please discuss it with the instructor/program director.

*Students must pay a $55 annual registration fee for our year-long program. For summer program only, students must pay a $35 registration fee. Only cash or checks will be accepted. Registration fee is non-refundable.

*Parents will be able to reserve a spot for their child for the summer and fall quarter. Enrollment for summer quarter starts in mid-March and enrollment for fall quarter starts in mid-April. Please check our school calendar/deadlines for updated information. A deposit of $20 must be made to hold a spot in our program or to reserve classes. All deposits are non-refundable.

*Holidays & vacation days will not be charged.  We can prorate or adjust your child’s tuition if a vacation is planned in advance. Only a maximum of 20% (from the total tuition) deduction will be considered. Parents must notify the program director of the planned vacation at least 3 weeks before the quarter ends or by deadline. If the child’s vacation is longer than 14 consecutive days (2 weeks), we will ask parents to withdraw the child from the program and re-register the child after the vacation. In this case, there will be either $15 re-entry fee or $55 re-registration fee.

*Make-ups: There will be a $5 scheduling fee if parents wish to re-schedule one day of missed classes.

*School Closure: There will be no refund or make-ups when we are forced to close due to the weather conditions or any other reasons. Please visit the Kent School District website when there is a bad storm day. If they are closed, we will be closed as well.

*Refund policy: Parents can receive a refund of the remaining unattended classes when a 2-week (at least 15 days) notice (in writing) is provided. For summer quarter, only credits will be issued. Parents may use these credits within one year.

*Re-entering Policy: Parents who wish to place their children back into our program must pay a fee of $15 to re-register or $55 annual registration fee if the amount is due or $35 registration fee for the summer program only.

*Late Payment Fee: Half of the tuition must be received at least 3 weeks before the quarter ends. The second half is due by the 3rd week of class. If tuition is not received by deadline, there will be $15 late payment fee.

*Late Pick Up: To ensure the next class starts on time without interruption, it is necessary to pick up your child on time, right at the end of the class. There will be a $1 penalty fee for every 5 minutes late.

*We ask that parents drop off their child immediately upon arrival and not stay in the facility. Classes are intended for children only and they are our 1st priority. Parents, who are new to our program, can stay with their child for two sessions to help their child transition into the program and observe how our program is organized.

*Snacks: parents may pack their own snacks for their children; however, we do offer apple juice and small portion of dry snacks. Children who are staying for lunch must bring their own meal with something to drink. Bringing a small (spill-proof) bottle of water to school is recommended.

*Lunch: we can warm up children’s lunch if needed. Children must bring their own utensils. Parents also have the option to order meals at the restaurants in the plaza. Our staff will be able to pick it up for your child around 11:30am. Please let us know in advance what you will be ordering for your child.

*Children who are not potty trained may be admitted to the program; however, they must wear pull-up diapers and have extras when they arrive to the center. We also ask all parents to bring a backpack with a set of clean clothes, including underwear and socks.

*During the school year from September to mid-June, our program is for 3 to 5 year-old children. However, children under 3 years old may be admitted if they show readiness to be in a classroom setting. Please sign up for our free classes by filling out our new registration form.

*In the summer, we also serve elementary-school children from 6 to 11 years old. There will be two classrooms running at the same time. Please visit our summer program page to find out our literacy camp.