Basic Steps Preschool Learning Program has two primary goals: (1) help the children gain the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten and (2) provide a safe learning environment where children can grow to be independent and confident in themselves.

We used to only have 4 sessions running every day from 8:30am to 12:15pm. Now that our preschool program has grown, we decided to open afternoon classes to serve more families in the area.

Each session focuses on delivering different types of skills such as social and emotional development, motor development, language and literacy development. The preschool curriculum is designed to help children build a strong foundation to be successful in school—which involves discussions of different kinds of topics, singing, art work, math activities, reading and writing practice. The preschoolers will work on different types of art or science projects every week. To find out more about the different topics for each month, check out our calendar here.

During the academic year from September to June, parents can register a maximum of 4 classes. Our program is very flexible. Parents can register as few as one 45-min session per week or as many as 20 sessions per week. The tuition is prorated accordingly depending on the number of classes registered per week and how many weeks left in the quarter. Holidays and planned vacations will not be charged. Please notify the director by deadline.

In the summer, we have a different schedule and parents have the option to register for more than 4 sessions. Our summer program focuses heavily on advancing PreK children’s literacy skills. These classes will be scheduled for 10 weeks only. For more information about our intensive reading and spelling class, click here.

At Basic Steps, we seek to educate the whole person and expose children to as much information/facts as possible so that they are better connected to the world around them. Our extra-curricular classes are fun and will help children develop interests toward different subjects and activities. For example, we have Spanish, karate, and piano classes for parents to choose from. Below you will see our current schedule as well as our new 2017-2018 academic schedule. Please click on the schedule to expand the view. For class descriptions, click here.

Academic Schedule for the new school year Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

Academic Year 2018-2019_Updated082618