Preschool Literacy Camp

The Preschool Summer Literacy Camp is especially designed for 5 year-old kids to be ready for a kindergarten curriculum and elementary school daily routines. The schedule we have for Pre-K kids (from 8:30am to 2:45pm or 10:30am to 4:25pm) will help them get used to the long schedule they will experience in their first year of school.

The intensive reading class and spelling/writing class will help our PreK students build a solid foundation in sounding out simple words and correctly writing letters. Our fun curriculum will provide the early tools children need for excelling in school. Sign up for our 10-weeks literacy program that will give your child the paramount skills to kindergarten success!

In the intensive reading class, children will practice reading high-frequency sight words such as “of,” “can,” “see, “the,” “it,” etc. Children will also learn to read sentences from left to right and develop an understanding of how words and the spaces between words work.

In the intensive spelling/writing class, children will practice writing and spelling out CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words such as MAT, MAD, MAN, etc. We will have engaging activities for children to learn and have fun at the same time. After this summer class, your child will love spelling out words!!!

These classes are only offered in the summer. Children who are at least 3.5 years old can register for these classes if they know all the alphabets and are able to follow instructions and sit for 45 minutes straight.

Parents can choose as few as one session per week or as many as 35 sessions per week. Tuition for the summer quarter will vary depending on how many sessions per week you register for your child. For example:

One full day = 7 sessions (lunch time is also counted as 1 session) x $5 per session = $35 x 10 weeks (whole summer) = $350 (tuition for once a week for 10 weeks).

We do not charge on holidays. If a vacation is planned in advance (at least 2 weeks before the quarter starts), there will be no charge on those days the child is not attending.

Children who go through our summer program and will be attending kindergarten this fall are eligible to take graduation pictures with their classmates! Fun! The dates are scheduled on our summer calendar. To view the art topics/themes and summer calendar, click here.

Below it’s our 2014 summer schedule for the literacy camp (June 23 – August 29). Please click on the picture to view the schedule: