4 FREE Classes

Sign Up for 4 Free PRESCHOOL Classes!!

New Parents  (who have never registered their children in our program before) are eligible to sign up for 4 FREE preschool classes (such as Book Time, Art/Science, Reading/Singing, and Writing/Math –45 minutes for each class). We do not have free classes for piano, ballet, karate, Spanish, AP classes, Reading/Math time, computer arts, and tutoring sessions. Parents may use the 4 free classes all together in one day or bring their child for different classes on different days. Parents must use these classes within a month. Please enter promotional code: 4FREEClasses.

For our preschool program, check out our schedule here. To find out the different themes/topics planned for each month, click here.


Free Class Policies

*The free classes are for preschoolers only (3-5 years old). When registering, please insert only one promotional code on the form: 4FREEClasses.

*Parents must notify the instructor if their children cannot make it to class. Let us know in advance so that we can reschedule your free classes.

*Four (45-min) classes are completely free. No registration fees are required during these free classes. A registration fee of $55 is required if the parents wish to continue with the program thereafter.

*Late pick-up fee is $1 for every 5 minutes late.

*All students and parents must also comply with Basic Steps policies and enrollment contract provided on the first day of class.