Basic Steps Academy

Thank you for your interest in our academic program!

Our mission at Basic Steps Academy is to:

“Provide a safe learning environment with high expectations to all learners so that they can achieve their full potential and have high hopes for their future.”

We have two separate programs at Basic Steps Academy: (1) The elementary school program focusing on kindergarten & 1st grade curriculum, and (2) the co-op preschool program with the emphasis on fun, easy-going, simple reading/writing and art lessons.

1. Our elementary school program offers kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum. We have one classroom for both groups taking classes together. Dr. Joa will be co-teaching and leading this program with a certified elementary-school teacher. Kindergartners and 1st graders will start the day with us promptly at 8:30am. All kindergartners will be released at 1pm and 1st graders stay until 2pm. We have a 1 to 16 ratio between teachers and students. Our elementary-school curriculum focuses on meeting individual needs and goals. Students will have customized homework and quizzes every day to maximize their learning and be able to reach their full potential at their own pace. Please click here for tuition rate, our current schedule/classes, school calendar, FAQs, and early entry/age requirements. Enrollment will start in late May. Please register here!

2. Our co-op (cooperative) preschool program is designed to help young children (1-3 years old) transition to our structured, academic classroom at Basic Steps Learning Center. This program relies on parents volunteering and helping the classes run smoothly. Dr. Joa will be guiding parents on how to efficiently teach the co-op PreK reading, writing, math, and art classes. Enrollment will start in August. We are now offering once/week free classes. Please register here!